Corporate Security Management, Training and Investigations
2019-2020: A global automotive parts manufacturing company with operations throughout Europe, Asian, Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua suffered from unacceptable loss that was eating away at its profit and its ability to stay competitive in a very unforgiving market. Despite its many years in a multi-billion-dollar enterprises, the company never had a corporate security department or even local security management except for the in-country purchasing department contracting “guns-gates-guards” from local service providers. This manpower heavy approach to outsource physical security for installations denied the organization a cost-effective and integrated loss prevention program.

Given the amount of facilities in each country and the criminal activity in Mexico and the numerous incidents that had taken place within Mexico, Seven Arrows  conducted a comprehensive RTVA to of over 50 manufacturing plants to gain a complete picture of the threats facing each plant and overall project.  It was determined that criminal and Cartel activity such as sabotage, active shooting incidents, theft and extortion were the main threats against the client’s facilities and its team.  The availability of local security forces was also deemed inadequate and their deployment was adjusted to ensure they could be counted on in case of emergencies.  By understanding the various threats to the project, Seven Arrows was able to design specially tailored procedures to ensure the safety of the workers, project managers, equipment, and manufacturing plants.  

Solutions Employed

The Seven Arrows team established a corporate security training strategy and implement a professional loss prevention/management program. Working closely with the CSO, and staff, Seven Arrows identified the need for establishing security and loss prevention policies and procedures that were easy for the Security Director to adopt into his new strategy. Soon we were ready to repeat the process for regional security managers and then country security managers. After developing a corporate security department, we could now intelligently define security priorities and request a budget and all the company´s other departments. Seven Arrows then began to train and certify the security team in security management, loss prevention, investigations, and crisis response.

Seven Arrows Value

With decades of experience in planning and executing large-scale security projects, Seven Arrows was able to assist in ensuring the implementation of a corporate security program.  Providing effective physical security solutions and training personnel to meet the challenges of the operating environment.  Seven Arrows operators along with a world-class intelligence team create a synergy unmatched in the industry and can account for every detail from the macro to the micro to create the safest atmosphere possible.

Solutions Provided
  • Developed a corporate security program from ground up
  • Developed  training program for all security personnel within the company
  • 7 Arrows continued developing business continuity planning, community affairs, intelligence, and counterintelligence capabilities.
  • During the process 7 Arrows played a key role in government affairs and local liaison with public safety organizations.
  • During this entire process, the company´s team was included and able to carry on with the tactical and strategic priorities that allowed them to begin to combat the loss that had been eating at their hard-earned success.


Successful establishment of corporate security and investigative program

Whether it is to start up a security program or bring it up to standard, Seven Arrows is prepared to help our clients win. Our goal is to reduce uncertainty and help decision makers by providing timely, accurate, relevant, and actionable insight. This includes having a highly personal and responsive service – after all, one size does not fit all, and so interacting with our team is a vital part of our core offering. This includes not just our analysts, but all team members right up to the CEO and COO are involved directly in client work.