Incident Response and Recovery
We received a call from our client, a family from New Jersey, requesting recovery and investigative support to have their daughter released from jail. The daughter had been vacationing in Aruba and was shot three times by Aruban authorities as she was fleeing a group of local men that had drugged her against her will and attempted to kidnap her. She was jailed and authorities ignored her story and seemingly intend to protect the image of Aruba as a safe travel destination for western tourists. The family needed to repatriate from this Caribbean country.
Key challenges our client faced:
  • No representation in country
  • Authorities were not cooperating with the family
  • The victim faced jail time in this country
  • Client charged with attempted murder, assault and evading police

Solutions Provided:

The Seven Arrows Over the Horizon team put together a rapid action plan that included:

  • Deployment of an Investigator to Aruba within 12 hrs., of notification.
  • Immediate mobilization of assistance recovery specialist to the family in New Jersey
  • Logistical assistance, including with car rentals, hotel reservations and the preparation of travel documents.

Solutions Employed:

Seven Arrows deployed an investigator and was able to develop numerous witnesses that helped rebut the State’s case. A thorough review of the discovery disclosed serious flaws in the States case. A meeting was arranged with the State prosecutor and the defense team. The defense team was allowed to demonstrate to the State our Claim of Innocence.


The client was released and allow to return to the United States.


Seven Arrows supported the family and was able to communicate with the appropriate authorities, who assessed our investigative findings and released the client.